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EStAL 1/2023 – Reinventing EU State Aid to Address Global Challenges

Issue 1/2023 of the European State Aid Law Quarterly (EStAL) is now available! In the Articles section you can read about: the dangers of increasing reliance on ad hoc State aid frameworks; must the Commission prohibit State aid that harms the environment; STMicroelectronics and the Commission’s Communication ‘A Chips Act for Europe’; selectivity and proportionality and whether State aid control can learn from the free movement rationale; a State aid perspective on a centuries-old national practice of awarding royal warrants; and whether the Belgian State should take (regulatory) measures to ensure that Belgian courts can enforce EU State aid law.

Two Opinions on current topics discuss:

In this issue’s Case Notes section you can find up-to-date annotations on:

The News from the Member States inform you about the latest developments at national level:

 Editor’s Picks:

EStAL 4/2022 – The EU Courts Have an Active Year

Issue 4/2022 of the European State Aid Law Quarterly (EStAL) is now available! In the Articles section you can read analyses on: the State’s co-investor role in equity financial instruments; the Aarhus Convention and the exclusion of State aid review; a Belgian case study on the Member State’s liability towards the aid beneficiary; and the principle of res judicata in national judicial proceedings in State aid. An Opinion piece on the recently initiated case T-538/21 PBL and WA v Commission (leading back to the signing of football star Lionel Messi at PSG) offers thoughts on the role of sports fans as complainants and litigants in State aid.

In this issue’s extensive Case Notes section you can find annotations on:

The News from the Member States will update you on the latest developments at national level:

We conclude our coverage of the 2022 Autumn EStALI Conference in Brussels with the keynote speech by Advocate General Juliane Kokott and the conference report by Irene Agnolucci.

View all articles of EStAL 4/2022 here.

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Call for Case Notes

The editorial team of EStAL welcomes case note submission on the following judgments:

  • Judgment of 24 March 2022, C‑656/20 P – Hermann Albers v Commission
  • Judgment of 1 June 2022, E-4/21 – Sýn hf. v EFTA Surveillance Authority
  • Judgment of 8 June 2022, T‑363/19 – T‑456/19 – United Kingdom of Great Britain and others v Commission
  • Judgment of 14 July 2022, C 401/21 P – Romania v Commission
  • Judgment of 7 September 2022, T 642/19 – JCDecaux Street Furniture Belgium v Commission
  • Judgment of 15 September 2022, C 705/20 – Fossil (Gibraltar) v Commissioner of Income Tax

See further Cases in the full Call for Case Notes !




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About EStAL

The European State Aid Law Quarterly (EStAL) was launched in 2002 as the first pan-European journal dedicated solely to State aid law and policy. Over the last 15 years, the journal has been known for closely monitoring the reforms, changes and overall developments in the world of State aid and subsidies in the EU, becoming the primary point of reference for policy-makers, practitioners and academics.

Aims & Scope

EStAL has developed into the most prominent platform to exchange expertise on European State aid law, economics and policy. Our high standards of publication have helped to establish a significant European State aid expert community including academics, policy-makers and practitioners.

EStAL covers all areas pertaining to EU State aid and subsidies, among others:

To guarantee EStAL’s high-quality standards, all submissions are required to conform to our Author Guidelines.

EStAL’s Target Audience

EStAL’s philosophy is to serve as an inclusive forum for dialogue and reflection reserved for all academics, officials from European and national institutions and private practitioners dealing with European State aid law and policy. We apply this philosophy in the composition of the Editorial Board and choice of country correspondents, which is reflected as well in the diversity of contributing authors and EStAL’s readership.

EStAL's Structure

EStAL provides a comprehensive mix of formats that give a 360-view of the EU State aid legal framework. Research articles explore topics in depth, to the highest standard of academic excellence. The country reports in the section ‘News form the Member States’ contain shorter, up-to-date news regarding State aid developments in the EU, the EEA and the EU candidate countries. The case annotations in EStAL are the best way for readers to stay informed on the relevant judgments of the EU and EFTA Courts, as well as on most important European Commission decisions. Book reviews, opinion pieces and event reports complete the journal’s knowledge offer.


Managing Editors

Caroline Buts, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium
Maria Segura, Clayton & Segura State Aid Lawyers, Brussels, Belgium

Editorial Board

Andreas Bartosch, Bartosch EU – Law, Brussels, Belgium
Andrea Biondi, King’s College London, London, United Kingdom
José Luis Buendía Sierra, Legal Service of the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Rose D’Sa, European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium
Claire Micheau, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Leo Flynn, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Leigh Hancher, Tilburg University, European University Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Michael Honoré, Michael Honoré Law, Copenhagen, Denmark
Thomas Jaeger, University of Vienna, Austria
Christian Koenig, Center for European Integration Studies, Bonn, Germany
Koen Lenaerts, Court of Justice of the European Union, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Arjen Meij, Former Judge at the General Court of the European Union, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Phedon Nicolaides, University of Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus and Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Michael Schütte, Schütte Law, Brussels, Belgium
Adinda Sinnaeve, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Vincent Verouden, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Associate Editor

Małgorzata Cyndecka, University of Bergen, Norway

Book Reviews Editor

Udo Woll, Deutsche Bahn, Berlin, Germany

Executive Editor

Nelly Stratieva, Lexxion Publisher, Berlin

Country Correspondents

Austria Birgit Haslinger, Johannes Kepler University, Linz
Belgium Wout De Cock, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Brussels
Bulgaria Ilko Stoyanov, Schoenherr, Sofia
Czech Republic Ivo Janda, White & Case LLP, Prague
Croatia Marijana Liszt, Liszt & Partners, Zagreb
Cyprus Michalis Kamperis, Ierotheou, Kamperis & Co. LLC, Nicosia
Denmark Michael Honoré, Michael Honoré Law, Copenhagen
EFTA States and EFTA Community Maria J. Segura and Marianne Clayton, Clayton & Segura, Brussels
Estonia, Latvia Daiga Lagzdina, Ardenis Ltd., Riga
Finland Ilkka Aalto-Setälä, Partner at Borenius Attorneys Ltd, Helsinki
France Nicole Coutrelis, Coutrelis & Associes, Paris
Germany Benjamin Linke, Deutsche Bahn, Berlin
Greece Antonis Metaxas, Metaxas & Associates, Athens
Hungary Anikó Keller, Szecskay, Budapest
Ireland Christopher McMahon, Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin
Italy Sara Gobbato, CRCLEX, Milan-Padua
Lithuania Jūratė Šovienė, Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuana, Vilnius
Luxembourg Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch, Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg
Malta Jelena Agranovskar, University of Malta
Poland Przemyslaw Kamil Rosiak, KPMG, Warsaw
Portugal Philipp Melcher, MLGTS & Associados, Lisboa
Romania Anca Jurcovan, Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii, Bucharest
Slovakia Peter Hodál, White & Case LLP, Bratislava
Slovenia Matej Kavčič, Kavčič, Rogl & Bračun, Ljubljana
Spain Juan Jorge Piernas López, University of Murcia
Sweden Pamela Hansson, Kastell Advokatbyrå AB, Stockholm
The Netherlands Emma Besselink, Pricewaterhouse Coopers Belastingadviseurs N.V., Amsterdam
United Kingdom George Peretz, Monckton Chambers, London

Open Access

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This journal offers the option to publish open access (OA). Contributions published under the OA policy must still successfully pass peer review in accordance with the journal’s Author Guidelines (view them under the section ‘For authors’ on this website). The standard Open access fee for EStAL in 2023 is 1.232,00 € per contribution. If you have any questions please get in touch with our colleagues at info@lexxion.eu

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State Aid Versus COVID-19: The Commission Adopts a Temporary Framework by José Luis Buendía, Angela Dovalo (EStAL 1/2020))

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EStAL 4/2023 07.12.2023 15.09.2023

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