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Emerging technologies already have a huge impact on both individuals and society, however, the full implications of artificial intelligence, biomedicine and financial technologies are still opaque. What ethical issues do these technologies raise for citizens, the corporate world and for our governments? What policy positions should be recommended to safeguard a responsible yet effective use of the technologies and their applications?
How does technological progress revolutionise business? To ensure the best possible technological future it is crucial to keep encouraging profound and inclusive debates involving both thinkers and doers. If you are interested in exploring these topics, subscribe to Delphi now.

Lexxion Statement – Health Update, Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Our first and foremost concern is for the safety of our guests, participants, speakers, partners, and any associated member who contributes to our knowledge platform. Given this and the outburst of the Coronavirus (Covid-19/ SARS-CoV-2), Lexxion has decided all events (excluding webinars) taking place on or before 01 June 2020 will be postponed until further notice. We will continue to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the national and regional governments to re-evaluate when and where the postponed events will take place.

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Delphi – Interdisciplinary Review of Emerging Technologies

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