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Interactive Workshop |
15.11.2018 - 16.11.2018 |
Nice |
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Simplified Cost Options for ESI Funds – A Practical Guide for Successful Implementation, Calculation, Control & Audit

Nice Lexxion

The two‐day intensive workshop focuses on:

Day 1

  • Why and how to use Simplified Cost Options
  • Calculation methods for Simplified Cost Options & practical exercises
  • Implementing Simplified Cost Options considerations for managing authorities & beneficiaries
  • Best practice and recommendations for a successful use of Simplified Cost Models in OPs
  • Interactive session: Planning the activities for upcoming months in your Member State/OP


Day 2

  • Setting up Simplified Cost Models in ERDF projects
  • Verification of Simplified Cost Options
  • Audit of Simplified Cost Options & considerations for audit authorities
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Current Challenges for Responsible

The 2014‐2020 regulation includes a number of measures
that encourage the use of simplified cost options and
improves their legal certainty: Among others, more
possibilities are given to apply flat rates, not only based on
indirect costs, but to calculate any type of costs, more
calculation methods have been introduced and the
threshold for lump sums has been increased. Although the
extended use of simplification methods does explicitly include
ERDF programmes, programme managers often encounter
difficulties in their practical use, when it comes to cost
calculation and eligibility of costs. As the use of simplified cost
models and the move towards a result‐based management
have significant implications on the management and control
of EU Funds, all responsible programing bodies – Managing,
Certifying and Audit Authorities as well as Intermediate
Bodies – need to familiarise with these requirements.


The participants will be actively involved in the workshop. The
sessions will combine presentations, case studies and
discussion on practical problems. You will have ample
opportunities to present your own problematic issues and
discuss them with the speakers and participants from other
Member States.
Just send to us your cases and questions in advance! We will
forward them to our speakers, who will include your issues in
the programme and answer them during the training. All
information concerning such problems and cases will be
treated confidentially.

Participants will receive extensive materials:

  • All presentations shown during the training (inclusive
    online access to all presentations after the training)
  • Confirmations of participation
  • Selection of corresponding journals published by Lexxion

Who should participate?

• Representatives from public authorities in charge of
financial management, control and audit, especially
– Managing Authorities
– Certifying Authorities
– Audit Authorities
– Intermediate Bodies
– Regional and local authorities
– Court of Auditors
• Representatives working in European Territorial
• Beneficiaries of EU funded projects, i.e.: Private and
public companies, associations, research institutes
• Public and private banks and other financial
• International, national and local associations and
• Consultants and lawyers

Why should you participate?

  • Become familiar with the rules and requirements to
    use Simplified Cost Options in 2014‐2020
  • Learn which types of simplified costs exist and how
    to apply them
  • Understand how to calculate flat rates, standard
    scale of unit costs and lump sums
  • Learn how to implement a simplified cost model in
    your authority
  • Be aware of the complex compliance requirements
    such as eligibility rules, State aid and public
    procurement rules
  • Increase your knowledge on how to control and
    audit simplified cost models
  • Learn how to avoid errors and irregularities
  • Receive practical guidance from our experts in
    various exercises and case studies
  • Benefit from another Member State’s
    implementation experience and learn good
  • Have a platform to exchange ideas and challenges

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