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24.10.2018 |
Brussels |
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2nd Competition Law Conference: Competition, Policy and Online Markets – Key Cases, Trends and Perspectives

  • What will be the main future challenges and developments in enforcing the rules in the ‘digital economy’?
  • Blockbuster cases: Google Android– What to make of it?
  • Algorithms, data, verti cal restraints, Coty: How exciting will competiti on policy in e-commerce become?
  • Which role for data and dataprotection in competition enforcement?


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After the successful launch in 2017, the European Competition and Regulatory Law Review (CoRe), the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) are delighted to announce the second edition of the Competition Law Conference.

The conference on Competition Policy and Online Markets, scheduled for 24 October in Brussels, invites you to discuss some of the hottest cases and questions with regard to competition policy in digital markets. The European Commission’s Digital Single Market initiative, its far-reaching sector inquiry into e-commerce, and high-profile investigations involving Internet companies reveal the increased focus on regulation and enforcement in the digital sphere.

All eyes are currently on various, high-profile national and EU-level investigations into an alleged abuse of dominant position. An obvious example is the recently announced decision on Google Android. A German investigation concerning Facebook looks at the link between competition law and data protection. At the core of these developments is the question how to apply competition rules to the digital environment. Do we need to adjust the existing legal regime to tackle allegedly anti-competitive practices? When do business models that brought huge consumer benefits become a competition problem? And where to draw the line between competition enforcement and regulation?

As one of the most dynamic policy areas in the EU, there is never a shortage of hotly debated topics in competition law. The latest on the agenda of competition experts and hence covered by our conference: platform competition, e-commerce and vertical restraints, algorithms and big data as well as the nexus between data protection and competition law, to name only a few.

During this conference, leading experts from the European Commission, national competition authorities, industry, private practice and academia will discuss these issues and brainstorm on whether policymakers need to adjust competition policy instruments to the specific challenges of online markets. Participation is free of charge, please register here. Limited seats available.

Structure and Topics

The conference starts at 9:00am and finishes at 17:30 with a drinks reception.

During our Competition Law Conference, renowned competition law experts from the European Commission, national competition authorities, industry, private practice and academia will discuss current developments in expert panels on:

  • Panel 1: What will be the main future challenges and developments in enforcing the rules in the ‘digital economy’?
  • Panel 2: Blockbuster Cases: Google Android – What to Make of it?
  • Panel 3: Algorithms, Data, Vertical Restraints, Coty: How Exciting will Competition Policy in E-Commerce become?
  • Panel 4: Which Role for Data and Data Protection in Competition Enforcement?

Who should participate?

  • Private legal practitioners
  • National Competition Authorities
  • Representatives from public authorities dealing with competition law
  • Representatives from national courts
  • Industry representatives and in-house counsels dealing with competition law
  • Economists
  • Academics

What participants of the Competition Law Conference 2017 said:

    „An excellent choice of topics. Exactly what we must be considering and implementing in our daily work.“

    „Excellent organisation, experienced and well prepared speakers.“

    „Well organised event with good choice of speakers and topics, providing a useful overview of the latest developments in rapidly evolving area of
competition law.“

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