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21.11.2019 - 22.11.2019 |
Nice |
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Technical Assistance: How to Prepare for the Upcoming Period

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The upcoming advanced workshop for public officials from Managing, Certifying and Audit Authorities as well as Intermediate Bodies will provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical examples for your daily practice and answer your individual questions in regard to the working area of Technical Assistance for ESI Funds.

Which costs are eligible in TA and which are non-eligible? What kind of support can be delivered to beneficiaries with TA money? What are the impacts and effectiveness in monitoring the delivery of Technical Assistance in Member States? What is needed in documentation regarding the audit of Technical Assistance and how to avoid irregularities?

You’ve missed this event?

Check out the How to Most Effectively Use Technical Assistance for ESI Funds Now and in 2021-2027 on 19.-20.03.2020 in Florence!

If interested, please contact Hanne Goldbeck.

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The two-day advanced workshop focuses on the following topics:

  • Framework of Technical Assistance
  • Selection Criteria and Eligibility Rules for Technical Assistance
  • Successful Management of Technical Assistance
  • Simplified Approach towards Technical Assistance
  • How to Support Institutions, Beneficiaries and Partners with Technical Assistance Money?
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Technical Assistance
  • Audit of Technical Assistance
  • Evolution and Future of Technical Assistance in 2021-2027

Who should participate?

  • Representatives from public authorities in charge of implementation and management of Technical Assistance for ESI Funds 2014-2020, especially from:
    • Managing Authorities;
    • Certifying Authorities;
    • Audit Authorities;
    • Intermediate Bodies;
    • regional and local authorities; and
    • Beneficiaries of EU funded projects, such as:
      • private and public companies
      • associations; and
      • research institutes.
  • Bodies working in European Territorial Cooperation
  • Public and private banks and other financial intermediaries
  • International, national and local associations and networks

Workshop Material – No need to miss anything!

If you were unable to make it to the workshop and/or conference you may want to order a copy of the printed material including the access data to all presentations shown during the events. The price is € 199,- (each, excl. of VAT). If interested, please contact Hanne Goldbeck.

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