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03.12.2019 - 04.12.2019 |
Brussels |
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State Aid Law and the Market Economy Operator Principle (MEOP)

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The Market Economy Operator Principle (MEOP) is a concept which has been developed by the Commission to determine whether a transaction entered into by a public body gives an advantage to a particular economic undertaking and therefore falls within the State aid regime.

Under EU State aid rules, public interventions in favour of companies can be considered free of State aid when they are made on terms that a private operator would have accepted under market conditions (the market economy operator principle – MEOP). If this principle is not respected, public interventions involve State aid within the meaning of Article 107 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, because they confer an economic advantage on beneficiaries that their competitors do not have. The Commission then proceeds to assess whether such aid can be found compatible with EU State aid rules.

How to structure MEOP-compliant financing? What alternative financing structures could be considered? How to choose the correct methodology for the MEOP analysis? Expert panels and fictitious case studies with leading practitioners encourage participants to get actively involved in the debates, exchange experiences and receive guidance on those specific questions and cases. A very exclusive networking opportunity!

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  • EU system of State aid control and recent policy developments
  • The concept of State aid and the priciple of market operator
  • Review of recent commission decisions on the application of MEIP and frequently made mistakes
  • Methodologies for determining the market rate of loans and guarantees
  • How to determine the credit worthiness of an SME
  • How to determine the market rate of return on investment and cost of capital
  • Application of the market economy Operator test to the airports
  • Various case studies on the application of MEIP

Methodology & Structure

  • Become familiar with the concepts and the principle of market operator
  • Learn how to assess the existence of State aid and its compatibility with the internal market
  • Receive detailed insights into the most important State aid exemptions and how to apply them
  • Apply your updated knowledge in various practical cases and group exercises
  • Exchange with State aid expert Phedon Nicolaides, in addition to EU and Member States’ institutions, as well as leading law firms

Who should participate?

Public officials from:

  • Ministries and other national authorities
  • National Competition Authorities
  • State aid monitoring offices
  • Courts of auditors
  • Regional governments
  • Communal and city councils
  • National and regional development agencies

Cases and Confidentiality: The participants will be required to submit a brief summary of the problem or case they want to present for discussion and advice in advance. Information concerning such problems and cases shall be treated confidentially.

Participants will receive extensive materials:

  • All presentations shown during the training (inclusive online access to all presentations after the training)
  • Selection of corresponding journals published by Lexxion
  • Confirmation of participation

Course Material – No need to miss anything!
If you are unable to make it to the Training, you may want to order a copy of the printed material including the access data to all presentations shown during the events. The price is € 299,- (each, excl. of VAT).

If interested, please contact Zrinka Mozara.

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