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Seminar |
02.04.2020 - 04.04.2020 |
Sicily |
Sprache: Englisch

EStAL Seminar 2020: Issues of Advantages to Undertakings (And What to Do About it)

The EStAL Seminar 2020 provides an in-depth examination and discussion of the most important developments and recent judgments related to issues of Advantages to Undertakings.

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During the two and a half-day programme, you will have ample room to profoundly look into the diverse aspects of the given subject thanks to a high variety of dense and topical presentations, case-studies, brain-storming rounds and in-depth discussionof your individual questions. The coffee and lunch breaks as well as social and leisure activities alongside the sessions provide a perfect platform for (informal) exchange and networking.

Just send to us your cases and questions in advance!
You are highly welcome to send your individual questions and/or important issues beforehand – our experts look forward to answering your questions and giving you first-hand advice! All information concerning your questions and cases will be treated confidential. The Seminar takes place under Chatham House Rules.

Preliminary Programme Points

[The detailed programme will be available soon!]

Session 1:

  • What is an undertaking? Small, medium and single undertaking – Slovak health insurance; TenderNed

Session 2:
Advantages – Part 1: The Concept of “Advantage” in State Aid

  • Assessment of existence of aid and how to quantify it
  • Proof of investment rationality: market price, benchmarks, business plans and indicators
  • Does compliance with public procurement law preclude State aid?
  • Competitive Selection procedures

Session 3:
Advantages – Part 2: Recent Case Law on Non-/Presence of Advantage

  • C-332/18 P Mytilinaios Anonymos Etairia
  • C-385/18 Arriva Italia
  • C-438/16 P Commission v France and IFP Énergies nouvelles
  • C‑127/16 P SNCF Mobilités
  • Case T‑778/17 Autostrada Wielkopolska
  • T-865/16 Fútbol Club Barcelona v Commission

Session 4:

  • Compatability Analysis before the Union courts
  • GBER: BMW, Eesti Pagar
  • Infrastructure: T-68/15 HH Ferries and others v Commission (Øresund Bridge), Fehmarn Tunnel
  • FIH Bank

Faculty & Participants

A diverse professional background of the panel and a small circle of participants sharing a homogeneous level of expertise and experience will guarantee a lively and insightful debate:

Seminar Material – No need to miss anything!

If you are unable to make it to the seminar you may want to order a copy of the printed material including the access data to all presentations shown during the event.
The price is € 299,- (excl. of VAT). If interested, please contact Enrica Corpace.

| Detailed programme will be publshed here soon.



Exclusive Venue in Sicily

Sicily, Italien
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Seminar | 02.04.2020 - 04.04.2020 | Sicily | Sprache: Englisch

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