Luka Juras

Acting Head of Department for System Audit and Audit of Accounts, Service for Audit of European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund, Sector for Audit of Structural Instruments at the Agency for Audit of European Union Programmes Implementation System (ARPA), Zagreb, Croatia.

In charge of planning and conducting audit activities for system audit and audit of accounts as well as assessing the adequacy of the management control system in bodies responsible for implementation of ERDF and CF programmes with the aim of ensuring purposeful usage of EU funds. Participates in consultations for preparation of Audit Authority strategic documents and drafts planning documents.

Previously, throughout 6 years of work experience in Croatian Audit Authority as Auditor and Senior Auditor in Service for Audit of European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund, he was responsible for system audit and audit of operations of Operational Programmes Environment and Regional Competitiveness during the 2007-2013 financial perspective and Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion during the 2014-2020 financial period. During that time, main activities and responsibilities were aforementioned system audit that included assessment of management and control system in accordance with relevant key requirements and assessment criteria and review of regulatory framework for implementation of EU funds. In addition to the listed activities and responsibilities, he was in charge for audit of operation for projects financed from European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund which included performing audit tests on conducted public procurement procedures, verification of expenditure, the legality, accuracy and eligibility of the underlying transactions, testing and evaluating the reliability of accounting data, verification of indicator achievement and on the spot checks.