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Intensive Workshop |
28.11.2019 - 29.11.2019 |
Budapest |
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Essentials of e-Procurement

Effective e-Procurement can provide a wide variety of benefits including more efficiency and savings for governments and businesses. The potential cost savings are massive, as stated by the European Commission. In Italy alone, e-procurement systems cut over €3 billion in costs.

During this interactive workshop the leading experts are introducing the numerous possibilities of e-Procurement, where you have an opportunity to get inspired by the case study of Finland and Portugal and find ways how to apply this knowledge in your own country.

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Topics of the Workshop

The interactive workshop will give you a comprehensive overview and an opportunity to discuss the following issues:


    • Definition and rollout of E-Procurement in the EU (E-Invoicing, E-Submission)
    • Benefits and Potential Risks of E-Procurement
    • Changes for Bidding Companies and Public Authorities


    • European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)
    • Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) and E-Certis
    • Comparison of Framework Agreement and Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)
    • Catalog management
    • Contracts Register
    • Case Studies of the Finland and Portugal


  • E-Governance
  • Digital Single Market Strategy
  • Emerging technologies in Public Procurement
  • Emerging technologies in e-Procurement


The sessions will combine presentations, case studies and discussion on practical problems. You will have ample opportunities to present your own problematic issues and discuss them with the speakers and participants from other Member States.

Just send to us your cases and questions in advance! We will forward them to our speakers, who will include your issues in the programme and answer them during the workshop. All information concerning such problems and cases will be treated confidentially.

Workshop Material – No need to miss anything!

If you were unable to make it to the workshop you may want to order a copy of the printed material including the access data to all presentations shown during the event. The price is 199€ (excl. of VAT). If interested, please contact Mariell Raisma.

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