Dominic Watkins - Dominic Watkins

Dominic Watkins

Partner, DWF LLP, London

Dominic is a partner in DWF’s London officer.  Dominic leads DWF’s global Consumer sector business and is focussed on supporting clients producing and retailing consumer goods, particularly food, by every channel.   Dominic has particularly deep experience in product risk management supporting client’s growth plans across multiple EU or global markets and designing strategies that meet the client’s objectives – particularly where the food product or service does not fit neatly into a regulatory regime, such as online food delivery businesses delivering food from third party businesses using third party riders, or 3D printed candy.

Dominic also is part of the UK Government’s Business Reference Panel on better regulation and has been commissioned by UK Government departments to report on changes to the law on safety.  He has also been seconded to a number of food and grocery retail businesses during his career which drives the way in which he advises clients.