Gülsan Saraçoğlu - Guelsan Saracoglu

Gülsan Saraçoğlu

Deputy Managing Director, ChemAdvocacy Ltd. Turkey

Gülsan Saraçoğlu has an experience of more than 13 years in the field of global chemical compliance regulations. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degree in “Environmental Engineering” and a Master of Business Administration.

He joined Reach Global Services S.A. in 2008 -a founding member of the Only Representative Organization (ORO). As a consultant he gained broad experience of REACH processes as of the beginning and followed very closely the step-by-step regulatory transposition of REACH into KKDIK. Successively, he took the role of company deputy manager and trained, led new consultants, and was involved in developing new consultancy services. Interested in extending his experience in manufacturing, he Joined Ashland Inc. as a member of Global Chemicals Management team, where he managed and led the team for the compliance of chemicals not just only for REACH and KKDIK but also other alike regulations around the globe.

Currently as the deputy managing director of ChemAdvocacy he supports business development, leads teams of professional experts on SIEF, Consortia, LoA, Study & Data Management regarding KKDIK.