Ivana Šujica - Ivana Sujica scaled

Ivana Šujica

Head of Department for Audit of Recovery and Resilience Facility, Service for Support to Audit Processes, Sector for Management of Horizontal Processes, Agency for the Audit of European Union Programmes Implementation System (Croatian Audit Authority) in Zagreb

Ivana organises the work of the Department, participates in preparation of strategic documents of the Service, and drafts planning documents of the Department. She also participates in planning and organisation of activities in relation to audit of Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). She performs audits of the system of management and controls, audits of fulfillment of milestones and targets from the payment claim, and she takes part in drafting audit reports and audit summaries on the implementation of RRF in Croatia.

Previously, as Senior Auditor in Service for Audit of European Agricultural Guarantee Fund and throughout 15 years of work experience in Croatian Audit authority, she participated in all audit engagements related to agricultural funds from the period of pre-accession to full EU membership.