Keren Zisman - Keren Zisman

Keren Zisman

Head of Chemicals Registration & Evaluation Unit, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Israel

In her current position as Head of Chemicals Registration & Evaluation Department at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Keren Zisman is responsible for the establishment of Industrial chemicals registration & evaluation mechanism (ICREM) in Israel, including the characterization of the required needs and tools and their implementation. Furthermore, she takes care of the coordination and cooperation with international bodies and ministries of environmental protection in the world. Also Ms. Zisman is in charge of the representation of the ministry in ministerial and inter-ministerial committees and in working groups of OECD organization.

From 2006 – 2019 Ms Zisman has been Head of Environmenral Chemistry Department of the Standards Institution of Israel (SII), where she was managing the environmental chemical department in SII which deals with tests of imported and manufactured products in accordance with the requirements of Israel standards. Moreover, she developed the safety data sheet services in SII, performed quality audits in factories according to Israel standards requirements, participated in standards expert committee in SII and advised Israel exporters on REACH and CLP regulations.