Nina Stoimenova - Nina Stoimenova 1

Nina Stoimenova

Former Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of Bulgaria (October – December 2021)

Nina Stoimenova is an expert in Control and Certification and her main responsibilities are related to methodology, implementation, accountability and control regarding the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability of Bulgaria. She is Chief expert in the National Fund Directorate, Ministry of Finance, Sofia.

From October to December 2021, she was appointed Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. In addition, she was Head of the National Programme Authority for Cross-border Cooperation INTERREG and Trans- National Programmes for the 2014-2020 period, as well as responsible for the preparation of 2021-2027 programmes.

She has been a lecturer since 2011 in various institutions, in particular at the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) at the Ministry of Education.