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Stephan Ludwig

Team Manager of the Administrative and Food Safety Unit with Landratsamt – Veterinary Authority – Göppingen

Stephan Ludwig with a diploma in administration management of the university of applied sciences Ludwigsburg is the team manager of the administrative law and food safety unit with the veterinary authority of Landratsamt Göppingen for more than 27 years; additional auditor and quality manager. He´s especially responsible for the executive measures and litigations on the subjects of food safety, animal protection and animal welfare law. He´s head of the law unit with the Academy of Veterinary and Food Safety Affairs Baden-Württemberg concerning the trainings of food inspectors and veterinarians. Stephan is tutor with the EU-initiative Better Training for Safer Food on trainings in Dublin, Vigo, Vienna, Rome and Venice. He´s also lecturer e.g. for universities of applied sciences and appraisor for bachelor theses. Stephan is an (co-)author of food law commmentaries with Sosnitza/Meisterernst, of more than 30 scientific publications and member of the scientific editor board of a german journal on european food law; as well author and editor of the book „Behebung und Verfolgung von Lebensmittelverstößen (Remediation and Prosecution of Food Law Violations)“.

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