Adam Scott

Director of Studies, UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT)

In 2000, Adam was a founding member of the UK’s specialist Tribunal that, in its current incarnation, is known as the CAT.  He has been involved in organising the Association of European Competition Law Judges for many years. Apart from regular liaison with colleagues at the European Commission, he has been glad to work on the training of judges with a variety of institutions, including the European University Institute, where he has helped with ENTraNCE for Judges.

Dr. Scott’s doctoral thesis at the University of St Andrews was at the interface between psychology, strategy and economic regulation; it followed university studies at Oxford and in London in engineering science and economics, jurisprudence, theology, behavioural sciences and business administration.

His professional interests currently focus on competition, electronic communications and State aid law but, as a priest, he is also an Anglican officiating chaplain to part of the British Reserve Army in which he served as a specialist artillery officer.