Alina Ploae

Contracting Officer, MA for ETC Programmes, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Bucharest

Mrs. Ploae has a wide range of experience in working with various funds, such as ERDF and IPA. She worked as a contracting officer for the joint operational programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova for a period of five years. Later on she was promoted to Head of Unit for the Regional Operational Programme Projects Monitoring Unit and Head of Unit for ERDF and IPA Expenditure Verification. Since 2013 Mrs. Ploae works as a contracting officer for the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, which has emphasized her state aid expertise.

Besides her work as a contracting officer, she also teaches at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, where the focus of the course is the control, evaluation and impact assessment of regional development programmes. Mrs. Ploae holds a PhD in Economics from the Doctoral School of Economics, Iasi (Romania), and a Master’s degree from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. She speaks fluent English, French and understands Dutch.