Dafina Dilova - Dafina Dilova

Dafina Dilova

Former Chief Certification and Financial Management Expert, CGAP, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia

Dafina Dilova has more than 15 years’ experience in financial management and control of EU funded projects, gained at the National fund Directorate at the Ministry of Finance in Bulgaria – currently the Certifying Authority for the ERDF, ESF and CF. As a chief certification and financial control expert, Dafina coordinated and monitored the financial flow of the EU funded projects and operational programmes. She participated in the closure process for 2007-2013 programming period for one of the biggest operational programmes in Bulgaria – OP “Regional development” 2007-2013. She has a strong background in project management, monitoring, assessment and evaluation of programs and projects. Additionally, she is a Certified Government Audit Professional and has international experience as a National Expert in Professional Training in the Audit Directorate of DG ”Regional and urban policy” at the European Commission and currently as a Financial Instruments International Consultant. She had acted as a team leader for numerous on-the-spot and quality checks, performed by the Certifying Authority, in order to evaluate and contribute to an effective and efficient implementation of the operational programmes.