Johann Caruana - Johann Caruana

Johann Caruana

Director of Policy, Strategy & Internationalisation, Malta Council For Science & Technology

Johann is the Director of Policy, Strategy & Internationalisation at the Malta Council For Science & Technology. The department is mainly responsible for the National R&I Strategy, Smart Specialisation, Space Policy, Open Access Policy, European R&I Affairs and a number of internationalisation initiatives such as PRIMA, EIT and JPI Oceans.  Over the past years, Johann has been involved in designing a number of financial incentives involving national funds and ensuring that such incentives are in line with the needs and requirements of local industry, and within the terms of the relevant national and European State Aid regulations. Moreover, due to the recent challenges surrounding the current unprecedented circumstances, Johann has followed closely the Temporary Framework Programme and was involved in designing Malta’s EUR 5.3 million COVID-19 R&D Fund together with the relevant notification forms. He has also been involved in the proposal writing and management of a number of successful applications funded through various European initiatives.