Lorenzo De Fabio - Lorenzo De Fabio

Lorenzo De Fabio

Head of Operation, Lazio Innova Venture Capital, Rome

In Lazio Innova from 2015, I’m Head of Operation in Lazio Innova Venture Capital division, managing 4 VC funds (Innova Venture, POR I.3) and 1 fund of funds (Lazio Venture).

Expert of public VC funds and fund of funds with over 18 years of experience, previously I worked in Filas and before in two private advisory company between Rome and Milan.
Involved in >65 investments and  >30 exits, for 7 times finalist at AIFI Premio Demattè “Private Equity of the Year” winning in 2017 Cresoptics exit as best “Early Stage” deal in Italy.
I contribute to the creation and implementation of innovative public/private VC instruments of Lazio Region (POR I.3 in 2009 and FARE Venture in 2016) considered as best EU structural funds practices.
Collaborate in many special international projects on startups/VC like Fame, Immediate and Twist – togheter with other EU countries.