Marina Mandac

Head of Department for Methodology, Service for Support to Audit Processes, Sector for Management of Horizontal Processes. Agency for Audit of European Union Programmes Implementation System (Croatian Audit Authority), Zagreb.

Marina Mandac participates in preparation of Audit Authority strategic documents and drafts planning documents. Participates in drafting and updating of audit manuals and methodological guidance pertaining to audit work, with special emphasis on drafting procedures for application of quality standards in performing audit activities at the level of Audit Authority (ensuring quality control). As a member of team for audit of Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRF), performs audits and reporting on Recovery and Resilience Mechanism at national level (including all audit activities).

Previously, as Senior Auditor in Independent Service for Methodology and Quality Assurance and throughout 13 years of work experience in Croatian Audit Authority, she was responsible for audit of technical assistance projects and for management and implementation of Technical Assistance projects of which the AA is beneficiary. As an audit member she was participating in audit engagements of various IPA funds. Later on, she was responsible for audit of projects financed under Norwegian Financial Mechanism and EEA grants in the Republic of Croatia. Fulfilling the functions of Risk Manager, Irregularity Officer and Publicity Officer to coordination and dissemination of irregularity alerts in the function of ARPA’s representative in Croatian Anti-Fraud Coordinative Services network.

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