Peter Barker

Head of Audit and Assurance, UK Responsible Authority, Sheffield

Peter manages the audit and assurance team of the UK Responsible Authority (UKRA) for AMIF, and prior to that held the same audit and assurance role for the Solidarity Funds (SOLID); the predecessor to AMIF.  He is based in Sheffield, and has staff located in Croydon, Salford and Solihull in England. The UKRA are responsible for selecting projects to receive European funding from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and then managing the process. His team make sure that those projects spend the money in accordance with the regulations, and that they have appropriate systems in place to comply with both EU requirements and accountancy best practice.  The UKRA is located within the Home Office government department, but remain impartial in applying the regulations required by the EU.

He is a qualified ACMA Accountant and has an extensive accountancy background, having worked for the Home Office UK government department for the past fifteen years.  Prior to this he was a Financial Controller for several manufacturing companies in the Private Sector.