Pierpaolo Rossi

Senior Legal Expert, Competitionand MergersTeam, Legal Service, EuropeanCommission

Pierpaolo Rossi is Senior Legal Expert and works at the New College of the Humanities and a Stipendiary Competition and Mergers Team of the European Lecturer in Law at Oxford University. He was previously Commission’s Legal Service. Pierpaolo is an attorney a Teaching Fellow in Competition Law at UCL and has and certified accountant in Italy. He completed his been a guest lecturer at Leiden University and Queen undergraduate studies at the Universities of Rome and Mary University of London. He is a regular speaker at Pavia with degrees in economics and law. He further conferences and seminars on State aid law and has obtained his LL.M. at NYU where he graduated from the published extensively on the recent investigations into International Tax Program. Pierpaolo has a vast and multinationals’ tax arrangements. lasting professional experience in public administration. After graduating top of his class from Guardia di Finanza Academy in Italy, he directed several Guardia’s outfield offices. He later worked at Guardia’s Headquarters in Rome in the Office of the Chief of Staff being responsible for international tax cooperation. In 1995, he took office at the European Commission where he was Case Officer and Legal Counsel for Judicial Cooperation at the Antifraud Office, and Case Handler at the Competition Directorate where he dealt with fiscal aid measures. Since 2008, Pierpaolo joined the Commission’s Legal Service, Agricultural Law Team. He is lecturer and teacher of EU taxation at various graduate programs in Italy, France, Portugal and Switzerland. He authored a number of publications in the field of taxation and EU law.