Snježana Vuković Ćurković - Snježana Vuković Ćurković

Snježana Vuković Ćurković

Head of Service, Service for Audit of European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Sector for Audit of Fisheries and Agricultural Funds, Zagreb

Snježana Vuković Ćurković is a Croatian agricultural engineer who studied agricultural sciences in University of Zagreb, mastered in 2007, when entered an additional education for obtaining MBA degree also in Zagreb. She worked from 2007 till nowadays in various fields of agricultural policy implementation. She started as Junior Long term Expert in PHARE project „Institutional Capacity Building and Support for Implementation of SAPARD/IPA-RD Programme in Croatia“ in  agri-environmental measures. After that she worked in Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development in Croatia from 2009 to 2012, in different fields such as international cooperation, direct support, on-the-spot control and finally internal audit. That led to deeper interest and involvement to audit practise which continued in Agency for the Audit of European Union Programmes Implementation System, Croatian Audit Authority for IPARD and Certifying Body for EAGF an d EAFRD, where she works from 2012 in IPARD and CAP Funds audits, currently as Head of Department for the  Audit of European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.