Zoltan Papp - Zoltan Papp

Zoltan Papp

Deputy Head of Task for MFF3 Financial Audit, Chamber III, European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg

Mr Zoltan Papp has experience in auditing EU Funds for nearly 10 years. He started working with the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg in 2010 as a performance auditor in the Agriculture and Forestry sector. In 2015 he took up a new challenge as a financial auditor of the MFF3 policy area, covering the closure of the 2007-2013 programming period (including SOLID Funds) and the 2014-2020 programming period (AMIF-ISF) as well. He is the deputy head of task for the MFF3 financial audits since 2017 and the responsible auditor for the Reliability of Accounts audits in this policy area. His audit unit is also responsible for auditing i.a. DG JUST, DG SANTE. He took part of several audit visits to different Member States and to DG HOME over the years for SOLID and for AMIF-ISF.

Prior to joining the European Court of Auditors, Mr. Papp worked as an external financial auditor for 10 years in different private companies, including the big auditing firms.

Mr. Papp studied Accountancy and Business Administration in Hungary and has a MBA.