Zsuzsanna Kondor - Kondor Zsuzsanna

Zsuzsanna Kondor

Researcher, National University of Public Service, Budapest

Zsuzsanna Kondor has been working as a National Expert for the European Policies Research Centre. She has gained extensive experience in delivering Cohesion Policy in Hungary since 2002 and acting as head of the Coordination Managing Authority over a decade provided insight into structures and practices of other Member States, too.

She was involved in the design and ongoing development of Hungary’s implementation regime for Cohesion Policy as well as in executing the Technical Assistance Operational Programme 2007-13. She held responsibility for commissioning technical studies, impact assessment and evaluation in relation to the sectoral, regional and technical assistance operational programmes as well as to regulatory changes for the period 2014-2020. During Hungary’s EU Presidency her role was the operational management of the Cohesion Policy dossier.

As a freelance consultant since early 2014 she has contributed to several EC, international donor and national budget funded projects exploring various aspects of Cohesion Policy implementation. In September 2016 she joined the National University of Public Service undertaking the responsibility of designing and implementing public policy and Cohesion Policy related research and educational programmes, including the elaboration of textbooks, case studies and other reference materials as well as the delivery of lecture for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.


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