Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds
Hybrid Workshop |
07.03.2022 - 08.03.2022 |
Madrid |
Sprache: Englisch

First Level Control and Verification of EU Funds in the New Programming Period

First level control plays a crucial role in the financial management and control system of ESI Funds. Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies need to conduct administrative and on-the-spot verifications, in order to enable an efficient and reliable first level control procedure.

The new regulations introduced in the programming period 2021–2027 can be challenging for professionals dealing with the financial management of ESI Funds, including those implemented in response to the Ukraine crisis, such as CARE (Cohesion’s Action for Refugees in Europe).

During this two-day interactive workshop, participants will be guided through the requirements for first level control and will learn how to verify eligible expenditure and detect irregularities. Join us in Madrid or online!

Participants receive a certificate upon participation.

Starting from € 990,- (excl. VAT)

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Who should participate?

  • Representatives from public authorities in charge of first level control and audit of ESI Funds in 2014-2020 and 2021-2027, especially from:
    • Managing Authorities
    • Responsible Authorities
    • Intermediate Bodies
    • Delegated Authorities
    • Certifying Authorities
    • Audit Authorities
  • EU Funds experts from regional and local authorities
  • Beneficiaries of EU funded projects, i.e.: Private and public companies, associations, research institutes
  • Bodies working in European Territorial Cooperation
  • International, national and local associations and networks
  • Public and private banks
  • Consultants and lawyers specialised on ESI Funds

Course Material – No need to miss anything!

If you are unable to attend the course you may want to order all the presentations shown during the event. The price is € 249,- (excl. of VAT). If interested, please contact Valeria Lotti.



A workshop by Lexxion Publisher offers the possibility to meet with experts from Member States and EU institutions, as well as the private sector. The different perspectives of our experienced trainers will support you in applying complex rules to your practical day-to-day work. To achieve the best results, we employ a mixture of learning methods.

Our approach combines the three stages of learning to ensure that the participants obtain the best possible understanding of the applied rules:

1) Identification of the main rules and principles,
2) Appreciation of the complexities and limitation of the principles,
3) Application of the rules and principles.

The participants will be actively involved in the course. The sessions will combine presentations, case studies and discussion of practical problems. You will have ample opportunity to present your own issues and discuss them with the speakers and participants from other Member States.

You can send to us your cases and questions in advance! We will forward them to our speakers, who will include your issues in the programme and answer them during the course. All information concerning such problems and cases will be treated confidentially.

Course materials will be available to download after the event.

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