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Does the UK’s new Subsidy Control regime give it a competitive advantage?

Does the UK's new Subsidy Control regime give it a competitive advantage? - Pictures Events 2023 26

On the 4th January 2023, the Subsidy Control Act (SCA) 2022, entered into full force. THE SCA (92 articles and 3 schedules plus several implementing regulations!) provide the framework for UK-wide subsidy control so as to – according to the Government – enable public authorities, including devolved administrations and local authorities, to “deliver subsidies tailored to local needs; to support government priorities such as driving economic growth and to reach net zero”. This new legislation represents one of the most extensive domestic legislative regulatory regimes in terms of control of public spending and raises fundamental questions as far as the role of public authorities, solidarity between devolved regions and central government, enforcement remedies and compliance with the international obligations of the UK .

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Who should participate?

  • State Aid Monitoring Offices in the Member States
  • National Ministries and Agencies involved in the regulation and provision of public services, such as: Ministries for:
    • Social Affairs
    • Health
    • Transport
    • Infrastructure
    • Telecommunication
    • Economy and Energy
  • Regional and Communal Governments and City Councils concerned with the provision of social services, health care, public transportation, energy and water supply, waste management and of other public services
  • Companies providing public services both on national and local level
  • Lawyers and consultants specialised in public affairs

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