Professional Certificate on European State Aid Law

The Professional Certificate on EU State Aid Law is awarded by Maastricht University and Lexxion Publisher and is assessed on the basis of academic quality and competence.


Why a Professional Certificate in EU State Aid Law?

In 2022, – as a response to the changing market conditions, the increased use of technology and the needs of Member States, particularly after the Covid-19 crisis – the EU is committed to becoming stronger, fairer, more sustainable, more digital and more resilient for its citizens. Therefore, it is essential for public authorities and other professionals to keep updated on the ongoing evolution of EU law and policies as well as to improve their skills, while they remain in employment.

Who Should Take Part?

The professional certificate is aimed at people interested in developing an expertise in the field of State aid. Whether you are planning further career steps in that field, or you have already gained experience and want to extend your knowledge – the professional certificate on European State aid law is designed for you. Diverse professional backgrounds are welcomed, as the programme will cover the basics of State aid regulation. You begin by introducing the order of modules to your availability and needs.

Highly Flexible Format

The professional certificate will be offered in a hybrid format to allow professionals to participate from anywhere in the world and to be more flexible to their time availability. Depending on work and other obligations, professionals may thus also choose to attend in person the event components of the modules. Online networking sessions will also be facilitated.

Learning Design: Theory Meets Practice

The learning design of this programme strives for a blending of theoretical knowledge with practical skills. This is achieved through a variety of methods: the profile of the lecturers (from academia and practice), the types of learning tasks for example reading, practical case studies, group work, workshops. The objective is to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to be their organisation’s State aid expert or to work in the broader field of European State aid law.


To be awarded the Professional Certificate on European State Aid Law you need to successfully complete the following 3 modules within a 2-year period:


  • Module 1: Basic Course on the Concepts of State Aid

Our basic courses will give you a comprehensive overview of State aid regulations and provide you with a practical toolbox for assessing State aid and designing public measures compatible with the internal market.

  • Module 2: Master Class ‘State Aid Uncovered’

The Master Class is intended for professionals with previous experience in State aid law and aims at examining recent developments in the case law as well as identifying solutions to problems brought by participants themselves.

  • Module 3: One Sectoral Seminar of Your Choice

The sectoral seminars focus on one of the following issues or areas: agriculture, transport, structural funds, financial instruments, environment and energy, services of general economic interest, fiscal aid and evaluation of State aid. Seminars on other sectoral issues are also organised occaisionally.


Submission of a Thesis to Maastricht University

Write a thesis of about 10,000 words that applies State aid rules to a case or problem you encounter in your own country or professional life. The thesis will be evaluated by Professor Phedon Nicolaides from Maastricht University. Candidates will be encouraged to focus their theses on actual national issues, problems or challenges and propose possible solutions.



1. The normal participation fee for each of the professional seminars by Lexxion (Modules 1-3)

2. An administrative fee of 1000,– EUR to cover the thesis supervision and assessment and documentation costs (excl. VAT)



For additional information, please contact conference manager, Camilla Coltorti, at


Eligible Events for the Professional Certificate

Date Course Location Module
27-28 June 2024 Fundamentals of State Aid Vienna & Online 1
15-16 July 2024 Summer Master Class – “State Aid Uncovered” with Prof. Dr. Phedon Nicolaides Riga 2
20-23 August 2024 Summer Course: State Aid – Concept, Principles, Exemptions & Guidelines Barcelona 1
23-24 September 2024 State Aid for Transport Rome & Online 3
10-11 October 2024 State Aid Requirements for SGEI Malaga & Online 3
07-08 November 2024 State Aid for R&D&I Athens & Online 3
27-29 November 2024 State Aid from A to Z Paris & Online 1
12-13 December 2024 Winter Master Class – “State Aid Uncovered” with Prof. Dr. Phedon Nicolaides Berlin 2