Bernd Schuh

Executive Director, Austrian Institute for Regional Studies and Spatial Planning (ÖIR), Vienna

Bernd Schuh shows more than 10 years of working experience in the field of environmental economics, ecological economics and urban development. Being a graduated economist, he has specialised in environmental and spatial development issues and shown his competence in these fields in various research projects, university courses (both undergraduate and graduate) and publications. Especially the capacity to act as mediator and moderator between different disciplines has been useful for his methodological specialisation in Multi-criteria Decision Aid and Multi-criteria Analysis methods. Especially the field of sustainable urban development has been a vital part of the work of Bernd Schuh in recent years – as could be seen in his participation in various national and international research projects in this field.

Bernd Schuh is currently engaged as specialist in the two European Networks accompanying the ongoing Rural Development Programme: the European Network for Rural Development as well as the Evaluation Expert Network.

Bernd Schuh is member of the board of directors of OIR His tasks at ÖIR comprise evaluations particularly of EU policy instruments and programmes (structural funds, rural development, CBC programmes, etc.); project leader and project work in research projects in the area of European Spatial Observatory network as well in European programme for rural development (key expert for quantitative procedures for the evaluation within the European Evaluation Network for Rural Development); policy consulting projects in the area policy (e.g. for the Styrian government) and development cooperation (e.g. Austrian Development Agency – Regional Development Centre Suhareka – Kosovo).