Inese Levana

Senior Auditor of EU Funds Audit Department, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia, AFCOS Member, Riga

Inese Levana works in the Audit Authority for EU Funds at the Ministry of Finance in Latvia. The Department is acting also as Anti-fraud Coordination Service (AFCOS) member in Latvia ensuring cooperation between ministries and authorities in matters concerning the protection of EU financial interests. Inese has been focusing on structural funds audits, specifically on 2014-2020 programming period designation process and system audits on MA and IB levels. Significant part of the current period system audits is devoted to effective implementation of proportionate anti-fraud measures. Main anti-fraud measures subject to her audits have included fraud risk assessment, preventive and detective measures, ‘red flags’, follow-up processes, usage of tools. Prior to EU funds audits, she has also worked with Ernst & Young Baltic office risk advisory services, which included a range of assignments in public sector in Latvia.


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