Joanna Fornalczyk - Joanna Fornalczyk

Joanna Fornalczyk

Partner, Comper, Comper Fornalczyk i Wspólnicy sp.j., Łódź


Ph.D. in economic sciences in the field of management sciences. Graduate of the doctoral studies of the Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz and graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz, with a specialization in Strategic Management. Two-time scholarship of the Ministry of National Education. Certified Internal Auditor (CIA, cert. No. 150362) Since 1999, she has worked on numerous consulting projects and procedures for the protection of competition, as well as in a number of projects in the field of State aid, carried out for both donors and beneficiaries of aid, including in the construction, chemical, transport, entertainment, science and technology parks, aviation. Good knowledge of Polish and European competition law and State aid with regard to decision-making practice of the European Commission and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Specializes in issues related to the financing of public services (public transport, waste management, culture, sport and recreational infrastructure, road and green areas maintenance, social housing), construction and management of airports, infrastructure projects and the assessment of applications for funding from the European Funds. Along with fields of expertise, she has been deeply involved in the process of SGEI compensation calculations and audits. Vast experience as trainer on issues related to State aid.