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Issue 3/2019 – A Cornucopia of Data Protection Insights

The latest EDPL issue is out! Its impressive volume and diversity illustrates how active the world of data protection is these days. You can read the opinions of Aaron Fluitt et al and Dara Hallinan on the regulation of non-personal and aggregated data. In the articles section, leading experts explore the recent trends in the case law of the Court of Justice, assess the legal and ethical impact of data reuse, suggest ways to regulate Big Data in the post-GDPR era, use privacy icons to visualise data processing, and discuss the challenges of the Law Enforcement Directive.

The practical reports section brings you up-to-speed with the latest developments in:

Four annotations of important cases of the CJEU, General Court and US Supreme Court:

As the main media partner of the 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, EDPL is featuring interviews with renowned commissioners from around the world – Andrea Jelinek (Austria, EDPB), Angelene Falk (Australia) and Stephen Wong (Hong Kong).

View the whole content of EDPL 3/2019: HERE.


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In case you missed Issue 9, a PDF file can be found here: Issue 9 (pdf)


EDPL invites young researchers at the beginning of their academic career (Master or PhD students) to submit articles based on their thesis for the 4th annual EDPL Young Scholars Award.

Please check out our Call for Papers: Young Scholar Award 2019

European Data Protection Law Review - EDPL

The European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) provides a practical and intellectual forum to discuss, comment, and review all issues raised by the development and implementation of data protection law and policy in the EU Member States. The peer-reviewed journal reports on key legislative developments and addresses relevant legal, regulatory, and administrative progresses in EU Member States and institutions. Important judgments that shape the interpretation and application of the EU law in this field are identified and analysed, particularly judgments by the European Courts, international courts and tribunals such as the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body, and higher national courts.

The EDPL reports on the law and policy governing:

  • Privacy and data protection,
  • Freedom of information, open data and re-use of information,
  • Civil liberties issues,
  • Data processing,
  • Data transfers,
  • Technology issues.

All contributions to EDPL shall undergo the process of a double blind peer-review, in order to guarantee the publication’s solid scientific output.

Citation and Indexing

EDPL is abstracted & indexed widely in research platforms, including:

EDPL’s Target Audience

The quarterly addresses everyone who is concerned with data protection law issues such as legal practitioners in national and international law firms, government officials working in EU public administration, judges and legal experts in domestic, European and international courts, consultancies, and Data protection professionals in the EU and beyond.



Bart van der Sloot, Tilburg University

Associate Editors

Maja Brkan, University of Maastricht
Mark Cole, University of Luxembourg, Institute of European Media Law (EMR)
Gloria González Fuster, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Tijmen Wisman, VU University Amsterdam

Editorial Board

Franziska Boehm, Leibniz-Institute for Information Infrastructure/Karlsruhe Institute for Technologies
Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche, Taylor Wessing
Alexander Dix, European Academy of Freedom of Information and Data Protection (EAID)
Federico Ferretti, University of Bologna
Hielke Hijmans, Belgian Data Protection Authority
Els Kindt, KU Leuven, Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (ICRI)
Eleni Kosta, Tilburg University
Orla Lynskey, London School of Economics
Alessandro Mantelero, Polytechnic University of Turin
Marc Rotenberg, Electronic Privacy information Center in Washington DC
Peter Schaar, European Academy of Freedom of Information and Data Protection (EAID)
Indra Spiecker genannt Döhmann, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main
Alessandro Spina, European Medicines Agency
Wojciech Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection Supervisor
Tal Zarsky, University of Haifa, Israel
Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, University of Amsterdam, Institute for Information Law

Executive Editor

Nelly Stratieva, Lexxion Publisher, Berlin


Data Protection Insider

Editor: Dara Hallinan, FIZ Karlsruhe
Sub-editor: Diana Dimitrova, FIZ Karlsruhe

26. Juni 2019

Issue 2/2019 – Focus on different Aspects on the Medical Domain

In the second issue of the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) renowned experts Antoine Picon and Esther Keymolen have published opinions on privacy and data protection in smart cities. The Articles section of issue 2/19 focuses mostly on the medical domain, covering topics like: to name a few. Our GDPR Implementation Series continues with a report from Finland. You can also find reports on the Bundeskartellamt’s Facebook decision, the EDPB’s take on the interplay between the ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR, and a comparative report on data protection in Israel. In the Case Notes section we have put together a diverse offer consisting of two judgments by the ECtHR (Big Brother Watch and ML and WW v Germany), and the US case Airbnb, Inc, and HomeAway.com v City of New York.   View the whole content of EDPL 2/2019: HERE.
Interviews with commissioners from around the world In the run up to the 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC) in Tirana, the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) is doing a series with interviews with commissioners from around the world. Interview with Dr Andrea Jelinek, EDPB Chair and Director of the Austrian Data Protection Authority: Interview Andrea Jelinek (pdf) Interview with Angelene Falk, Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner and Executive Committee member of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC): Interview Angelene Falk (pdf) Interview with Mr Stephen Wong, the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data in Hong Kong and Co-chair of the ICDPPC Working Group on Ethics and Data Protection in Artificial Intelligence: Interview Stephen Wong (pdf)
5. März 2019

Issue 1/2019 – Eventful Start of 2019 for Data Protection Law in Europe and Beyond

The world of data protection law is buzzing with activity as the reader of the new issue 1/2019 of the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) can clearly observe. The latest edition of the journal covers a wide range of highly interesting analyses from Europe and beyond. We offer a strong international angle – with articles and reports on US, Japanese and Chinese developments and their link to the EU. Read a timely assessment of the recent CNIL fine on Google LLC, case notes on AG Szpunar’s opinion in C-507/17 Google LLC v CNIL, on C-207/16 Ministerio Fiscal and the ECtHR’s Ben Faiza ruling. The articles in EDPL 1/2019 cover an array of topics including: adequacy findings for third countries that have ratified Convention 108, the alternative interpretation of right to be forgotten in Japan, and the data protection exemption for immigration purposes under the European Convention on Human Rights.   View the whole content of EDPL 1/2019: HERE.  
20. Dezember 2018

Issue 4/2018 – Young Scholars Award Competition

Issue 4/2018 of the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) is out and it features the best 5 articles from our 3rd annual Young Scholars Award competition. This years’ top entries cover topics like interoperability of EU databases, contesting automated decisions and improving consent in information privacy. This rich edition of EDPL is packed with 8 insightful reports on, e.g. GDPR implementation in Italy, blockchain and the new data protection law in China. Also in the issue: opinions by Gary Marx and Woodrow Hartzog, case notes on C-498/16 Schrems, C-210/16 Wirtschaftsakademie, Benedik App no 62357/14 and Centrum för Rättvisa App no 35252/08, as well as the speeches by Giovanni Buttarelli and Tim Cook from the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. View the whole content of EDPL 4/2018: HERE. View our current Call for Papers for the Young Scholars Award.
4. Oktober 2018

Issue 3/2018 – Special Focus on Health Data, Medicine and the GDPR

The new issue 3/2018 of the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) is out and it has a special focus on Health Data, Medicine and the GDPR. We are honoured to publish the opinions by Giovanni Comandé and Gianluca Montanari Vergallo on the special theme. Read the articles on AI and machine learning in medicine, data portability in health research and the EU Open Science Agenda, all critically analysed in light of the GDPR. Our regular rich Reports section features, among others, updates on the GDPR implementation in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania. Find also in this issue: annotations on recent judgments by the CJEU (Jehovah’s Witnesses), the ECtHR (Lopez Ribalda v Spain) and the US Supreme Court (Byrd v US). View all articles of EDPL 3/2018.
26. Juni 2018

Issue 2/2018 – Subsequent Use of GDPR Data

Issue 2/2018 of the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) is now available! You can find opinions by Artemi Rallo, former Director of the Spanish DPA, and Gus Hosein, Director of Privacy International. Other highlights from this edition: Scientific articles on, among others, the subsequent use of GDPR data for a law enforcement purposes and data protection by design and by default. Our GDPR Implementation Series continues with a report on Ireland. Case notes on CJEU’s Nowak case and the ECtHR’s Libert v France. View all articles of EdpL 2/2018.
21. März 2018

Issue 1/2018 – Paradigm Shift in Data Protection

In this rich edition, you can find, among many other interesting contributions, articles on blockchains and EU data protection, the data quality principle, and the data of unborn children. A thought-provoking discussion between Prof Christopher Hodges (University of Oxford) and Hielke Hijmans (formerly of EDPS) proposes and elaborates on a paradigm shift in data protection enforcement (and the GDPR in particular). Staying on the topic of the GDPR, we have 3 new reports in our ongoing GDPR Implementation Series – read how France, Latvia and Sweden are revamping their laws to prepare for the EU Regulation. View all articles of EDPL 1/2018

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