Alexander Egger -

Alexander Egger

Attorney at Law, Head of EU, Regulatory, Public Procurement & State Aids, Lansky, Ganzger & Partner, Vienna

PD Dr.Dr. Alexander Egger, Austrian attorney at law (Rechtsanwalt), heads the practice group ‘EU,
Regulatory, Public Procurement & State Aids’ at LGP Vienna. His focus lies on advising states, public
institutions, companies and individuals in European Union law and Public Law. For many years, he
represents clients before the European Commission, the EU Council and the Union courts, in particular
with regard to economic lawand proceedings concerning sanctions. In addition, he has handled numerous
cases before Austrian and EU Regulatory authorities, including license and competition issues also with
cross-border aspects. Egger holds doctorates in Law and in Political Science from Vienna University as
well as a PhD (Habilitation). He graduated in Law at the College of Europe (Bruges) and was admitted as
a Fellow of the European Law Institute. After his internship at the EU Council, he served for several years
in the Legal Service of the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. For six years, he has been (Premier)
Référendaire at the Court of Justice of the EU. In addition, he consulted the EU Commission in several
Twinning- and TAIEX-projects and is still active as external adviser to the EU (DG COMP, DG ENER and
DG GROW). Alexander Egger is also active in Public Affairs on EU and national level. He is fluent in
German, English and French; he also speaks Italian and has basic knowledge in Russian and Dutch. He is
editor of the Zeitschrift für Beihilfenrecht (State Aid LawReview) and has published several books, articles
and contributions to leading commentaries (i.a. EU institutional law and public procurement).