Maciej Fornalczyk - Fornalczyk Maciej

Maciej Fornalczyk

General Partner, Comper Fornalczyk i Wspólnicy sp.j., Łódź

Maciej completed postgraduate studies in financial and management accounting at the University of Lodz and postgraduate studies in the field of competition law at King’s College London, University of London. An experienced consultant on antitrust and State aid, led numerous competition and State aid related projects, among them the proceedings before the European Commission and the OCCP. Experienced trainer on the subject of competition law, State aid and economic aspects of competition law. Participated in projects in the field of dominant position, agreements and market concentration in sectors such as telecommunications, building materials, food production, chemical synthesis, petrochemical, distribution of fertilizers and chemicals, municipal services. Specializes in issues related to the financing of public services (particularly transport), construction and management of airports, infrastructure projects and the assessment of applications for funding from the European Funds.