Latest Issue of the European Competition and Regulatory Law Review is out now!

Digital Economy and EU Competition Rules

The CoRe Editorial Team is delighted to announce that issue 1/2018 of the European Competition and Regulatory Law Review (CoRe) is out now. The digital economy and its interplay with EU competition rules take centre stage in the Articles section of this edition. Read more about: the 2017 Facebook investigations in the EU by competition, consumer and data protection authorities; the interaction of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and its antitrust implications; vertical restraints and their impact on online distribution networks.

As always, CoRe also offers up-to-date country reports, in this issue from Austria, Finland and Norway, analysis of recent European judgments (C-230/16 Coty Germany, C-248/16 Austria Asphalt, and C-547/16 Gasorba) and reviews of interesting new books on competition law.

Take a glance at the table of contents or visit our webshop:

Editorial  (FREE)
by Ben Van Rompuy


The 2017 Facebook Saga: A Competition, Consumer and Data Protection Story
by Christophe Carugat

Virtual Competition:Human Liability Vis-À-Vis Artificial Intelligence’s Anticompetitive Behaviours
by Niccolò Colombo

Anti-Competitive Effects of Vertical Restraints: EU Guidelines and Impact on Online Distribution Networks
by Zia Akhtar


Austria ∙ Sales Restrictions in a Production Joint Venture: Return of the Formal Approach
by Heinrich Kühnert, Philipp Böhler-Grimm

Finland ∙ The Finnish Market Court Imposes Fines in the Bus Cartel Case
by Satu-Anneli Kauranen

Norway ∙ Net Neutrality in Norway: The Issue of Zero Rating
by Pernille Edh Hasselgård


Luxury Goods and Third-Party Online Platforms: The ECJ’s Judgment in the Coty Case

by Penelope Alexia Giosa

To Be or Not to Be Full-Function? That’s the Question
by Georgios Malos

The Legal Effects of Commitment Decisions under Article 9(1) of Regulation 1/2003 on Antitrust Proceedings before National Courts
by Vasiliki Fasoula


Book Review

by Ryan R Stones, Kadir Baş


We wish you a pleasant reading!

The CoRe Blog Team



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