Lexxion publishes professional journals in English and German in various fields of law such as environmental law, substance law, data protection law, State aid law, competition law or EU funding.
The journals provide thought-provoking articles, cutting-edge reports or case law analysis regarding the latest developments in each field. Find all publications listed here.

English publications

EFFL – European Food and Feed Law Review

CCLR – Carbon & Climate Law Review

CoRe – European Competition and Regulatory Law Review

EDPL – European Data Protection Law Review

EHPL – European Health & Pharmaceutical Law Review

EPPPL – European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review

EStAL – European State Aid Law Quarterly

ICRL – International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review

German publications

UWP – Umweltrechtliche Beiträge aus Wissenschaft und Praxis

StoffR – Zeitschrift für Stoffrecht

AbfallR – Zeitschrift für das Recht der Abfallwirtschaft

EurUP – Zeitschrift für Europäisches Umwelt- und Planungsrecht

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