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AIRe – Journal of AI Law and Regulation

The First Issue of AIRe: Introducing a New Platform for AI Experts Worldwide

The inaugural issue of the Journal of AI Law and Regulation (AIRe) is now available and can be accessed for free online!

Lee J. Tiedrich, one of the leading voices in artificial intelligence (AI), data, and emerging technology, sets the stage for the first edition and lays out the journal’s mission with her Editorial ‘The Grand Challenge: Creating Frameworks Unlocking AI’s Benefits and Mitigating Harms’. The Articles section features in-depth analyses on: Psychological Patterns and Article 5 EU AI Act, Regulating AI with Purpose Limitation for Models, Institutional Review Boards as Soft Governance Mechanisms of R&D of AI-based Medical Products, Reevaluating Human Values for Patient Care in the US in the Age of AI, Korean Copyright Issues in Text Data Mining for Generative AI, the Role of IP in Fintech for Safeguarding AI Assets, and Accountability in Brazilian AI Regulation.


In the Opinions section you can read about: Advancing Innovation for Trustworthy AI with the EU AI Act, an Agile Approach to the EU AI Act Ecosystem, the Imperative for a UN Special Rapporteur on AI and Human Rights, the Delicate Balance in AI and Copyright in the EURegulations and Culture of the US Legal Ecosystem as Obstacles to AI Implementation.


AIRe 1-2024’s Reports section delivers timely global, regional and national developments from:

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About AIRe

The Journal of AI Law and Regulation (AIRe) covers diverse fields of law which are affected by AI, such as privacy and data protection, IP, anti-discrimination law, human rights, consumer protection law, as well as sectoral legal developments, e.g. in healthcare, financial services, transport, agriculture. The journal also analyses important judgments that shape the field of AI law and regulation, particularly those by the international courts and tribunals, regional courts (e.g. European Courts), and higher national courts. AIRe is published quarterly and is available in print and online.

Editorial Board

Thomas Burri, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Ashley Casovan, IAPP AI Governance Center, Canada
Mark D. Cole, University of Luxembourg/Institute of European Media Law, Luxembourg and Germany
Tatjana Evas, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Laura Schertel Mendes, University of Brasilia/Brazilian Institute for Development, Education and Research, Brazil
Brent Mittelstadt, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Eleonora Rosati, Stockholm University, Sweden
Marc Rotenberg, Center for AI and Digital Policy, USA
Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem, University of Pretoria and Centre for AI Research, South Africa
Indra Spiecker genannt Döhmann, Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Lee Tiedrich, Duke University, USA
Bart van der Sloot, Tilburg University, Netherlands

Associate Editor (Reports)
Pier Giorgio Chiara, University of Bologna, Italy

Topics covered

We invite submissions that analyse and report on the impact of AI in a diversity of legal fields, such as:

  • consumer law
  • antitrust law
  • contract law
  • tort law
  • product liability
  • content liability
  • criminal law
  • administrative law
  • privacy data protection
  • freedom of speech
  • intellectual property
  • anti-discrimination
  • law enforcement
  • procedural law
  • constitutional law

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