Alexandra Terzaki - Alexandra Terzaki NEU 1

Alexandra Terzaki

Public Procurement Law Expert and Business Consultant, Terzaki Unternehmensberatung, Vienna and Berlin

Mag. Alexandra Terzaki was born in 1969 in Greece and has lived in Vienna since 1987 and has been working in Vienna and Berlin since 2020. She is Consultant (studied law in Vienna) and managing director of TERZAKI management consultancy (since 2006 in Vienna and since 2020 also in Berlin), managing partner of TERZAKI & Partner GmbH in Vienna and internationally recognized expert in public procurement management and Process design in public procurement. Ms. Terzaki is ÖNORM – Expert Committee ON-K 015 “Procurement” and ON-K 018 and therefore an expert for public procurement in Austrian Standards International – standardization and innovation. She is the initiator and spokesperson for the fnv (FrauenNetworkVergaberecht) Ms. Terzaki has already been named “Speaker of the Year in public procurement” several times by the imh Institut Manfred Hämmerle GmbH (formerly IIR GmbH). She maintains an intensive lecture activity in the public procurement sector. Since September 2018 she has been expanding her current lecture activities in Europe on behalf of Lexxion Publisher (Berlin). Since April 2020 TERZAKI Unternehmensberatung has been running its own Office in Berlin and also offers its consulting services to public public clients in Germany. Since May 2020 she has been the author of the client handbook for the BVergG 2018, WEKA Verlag. As part of her position as managing director of TERZAKI Unternehmensberatung alone, Ms. Terzaki has personally managed and processed more than 300 public procurement procedures and has numerous references in the field of awarding. She has been the managing partner of TERZAKI & Partner GmbH in Vienna since October 2020.