Jasmin Buijs - Jasmin Buijs

Jasmin Buijs

Lawyer, Axon Lawyers Amsterdam

Jasmin is a life sciences lawyer specialized in food law and food packaging law. In addition to her law studies, Jasmin studied food safety at Wageningen University & Research. There she enhanced her legal background with knowledge on food properties and food related hazards. Having joined Axon Lawyers for five years, Jasmin has worked on various questions regarding innovative foods and food labeling issues. Over the years, she has expanded her knowledge on food to food packaging materials, especially innovative packaging materials and sustainability matters. She speaks at national and international conferences, and regularly provides “walk-in legal consultancy” on packaging laws in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging.

Together with her colleague Karin Verzijden, Jasmin blogs about the latest developments in the field of food law and food packaging law at http://foodhealthlegal.eu/.

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