Olga Guza - O.Guza

Olga Guza

Deputy Director of EU Funds Audit Department, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia

Olga Guza is Deputy Director in the Audit Authority for ESF, ERDF, CF and other financial mechanisms. She has been working in the area of auditing EU Funds since 2003. She started as an internal auditor for auditing the EU pre-accession instruments and continued performing and managing system audits of the EU Funds. Her current responsibilities are related to the quality control for the Audit Authority’s work. She also is responsible for the management of EU Funds’ Technical Assistance project for the Audit Authority, including budget planning, management of the implementation of the Technical Assistance project, budget monitoring and participation in procurement procedures necessary for the implementation of the Technical Assistance project. In 2014 she also participated as an expert in a Twinning project with Croatia “Strengthening the competence of public internal auditors in the Republic of Croatia in auditing Cohesion and Structural Funds in line with the best EU practice”.