Public Procurement & PPP Law
Hybrid Workshop |
22.05.2023 - 23.05.2023 |
Riga |
Language: English

Public Procurement and State Aid

Public Procurement and State Aid - Pictures Events 2023 10

European Public Procurement and State Aid rules follow the same goal: to prevent distortions to competition in the European market that can be caused by public authorities. To protect competition, contracting authorities must be aware of de minimis rules, SGEI, GBER, Guidelines and notification procedures as well as of public procurement rules. The correct use of public procurement rules within the state aid regime demands the acquaintance with relevant procedures as well as awareness of the potential violation risks and know-how in recovery from unlawful aid.

This hybrid workshop is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge of public procurement and state aid rules and equip you with practical tips to comply with them in your daily work. Recent Case Law and practical exercises will deepen the theory.

Starting from € 990,- (excl. VAT)

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Who Should Participate?

Procurement officers, anti-fraud and corruption officers, internal and external auditors, public officials responsible for the prevention of fraud and corruption as well as for risk assessment and risk management from the following institutions:

  • Public Authorities on EU, national and regional level
  • Courts of auditors on national and regional level
  • National and international agencies in charge of regional development and economic cooperation
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Consulting companies and legal practitioners
  • Academic institutions

Course Material – No need to miss anything!

If you are unable to attend the course you may want to order all the presentations shown during the event. The price is € 249,- (excl. of VAT). If interested, please contact Laura Hoppe.


A workshop by Lexxion Publisher offers the possibility to meet with experts from Member States and EU institutions, as well as the private sector. The different perspectives of our experienced trainers will support you in applying complex rules to your practical day-to-day work. To achieve the best results, we employ a mixture of learning methods.

Our approach combines the three stages of learning to ensure that the participants obtain the best possible understanding of the applied rules:

1) Identification of the main rules and principles,
2) Appreciation of the complexities and limitation of the principles,
3) Application of the rules and principles.

The participants will be actively involved in the course. The sessions will combine presentations, case studies and discussion of practical problems. You will have ample opportunity to present your own issues and discuss them with the speakers and participants from other Member States.

You can send to us your cases and questions in advance! We will forward them to our speakers, who will include your issues in the programme and answer them during the course. All information concerning such problems and cases will be treated confidentially.

Course materials will be available to download after the event.

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