Dr. Christine Schmitt - Dr. Christine Schmitt

Dr. Christine Schmitt

Regulatory Affairs Manager, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen

Christine began her BASF career in 2008 as laboratory team leader in the R&D department on heterogenous catalysis. In 2016, she became Regulatory Affairs Manager within the division, Performance Chemicals. Her main focus is the implementation of the (upcoming) REACH and REACH-like regulations, especially for the Asian-Pacific region, to ensure the chemical compliance and marketability of the division’s extensive product portfolio. Together with BASF’s regional expertise, it is her responsibility that (pre)registration obligations worldwide are fulfilled prior to manufacture/import under existing or newly implemented chemicals legislation. In addition, Christine acts as Global New Substance Coordinator dealing with worldwide registrations of new substances, allowing access to global markets. Christine holds a PhD degree in chemistry from University of Heidelberg.