Maryse Hervé - Maryse Herve

Maryse Hervé

Secretary General, EU Specialty Food Ingredients, Brussels

Maryse Hervé is Secretary General of EU Specialty Food Ingredients, which represents more than 200 international and national food ingredient companies through direct membership or member associations. EU Specialty Food Ingredients combines credible science and trusted experts to provide cutting edge information about the many benefits relating to specialty food ingredients.  At the forefront of this dynamic industry for more than 35 years, the association is dedicated to creating a positive EU regulatory environment to help foster innovation ( Maryse is also one of the Managing Directors of the European Consulting Company (ECCO) in Brussels, which provides regulatory and food policy services to food/food ingredient businesses as well as association management services to food industry sectors like EU Specialty Food Ingredients. Previous to that, Maryse held various positions in the food ingredients sector in France and Germany, from R&D to B2B communications. She is a food microbiologist by training.