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Since its founding, Lexxion has had a strong focus on environmental law, with journals and events covering the latest developments in waste management, planning and carbon and climate law.
The Carbon and Climate Law Review recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and continues to be a leading forum for discussing the complex international legal regime that has evolved over the last two decades. If you are interested in this dynamic and quickly developing area of international law, be sure to check out our latest journals, books and events.

Climate Discours Episode 13 Out Now!

Timo Leiter: Climate Change Adaptation and the Paris Agreement

In this special episode of Climate Discourse, Kate speaks with Timo Leiter about Climate Change Adaption and the Paris Agreement

For our first episode of 2023, Kate speaks with Timo Leiter about his recent CCLR article, ‘Too Little, Too Slow? Climate Adaptation at the United Nations Climate Change Negotiations Since the Adoption of the Paris Agreement’. Timo takes the opportunity to provide further context and background on his framework for tracking and assessing negotiation outcomes, explains how the negotiations have evolved and identifies adaptation related gaps that can be addressed at a global level.

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Digitaler Düsseldorfer Abfallrechtstag

06.06.2024 | Online

Digitaler Düsseldorfer Abfallrechtstag

Auch in diesem Jahr werden namhafte Experten auf dem Gebiet des deutschen und europäischen Abfallrechts in fachlich fundierten Vorträgen die zentralen Fragestellungen des Rechtsgebietes vorstellen. Sie beleuchten die neuesten Entwicklungen, berichten über ihre Erfahrungen und zeigen mögliche Handlungs- und Lösungswege…

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UWP – Environmental Law Contributions from Science and Practice

CCLR – Carbon & Climate Law Review

AbfallR – Journal for the Law of the Circular Economy

EurUP – Journal for European Environmental and Planning Law

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