European Structural and Investment Funds
Intensive Workshop |
17.05.2022 - 20.05.2022 |
Nice |
Language: English

The Unique 2022 Anniversary of the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Game Number 5!

Join us in Nice to celebrate the anniversary of the EU-awarded game on Anti-Fraud and Corruption as developed by Jo Kremers. The 2022 edition features the new anti-fraud game no. 5 and in addition, it tackles the novelties brought by the new programming period 2021-2027, especially the Green Deal, the lessons learnt by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as Risk Management.

The 4-day event will be a highly engaging course for the participants, who will learn to solve anti-fraud cases by using open source intelligence tools and techniques. A whole day will be dedicated to a special on-the-spot research in Monte Carlo. During the workshop we will also focus on risk management, including fraud risk management in times of crisis and disaster. This is especially important given the current crisis induced by the war in Ukraine.

During this special event, you will need to install sophisticated tools and software as well as utilise open-source tools and techniques in order to learn how to perform your selections, verifications and audits during times of crisis and pandemics, and at the same time, be innovative, successful and efficient in anti-fraud and corruption.

Starting from € 2.980,- (excl. VAT)

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    The four-day intensive course offers the possibility to meet with the Jo Kremers, our EU anti-fraud expert. He will support you in applying complex rules to your practical day-to-day work. To achieve the best results, we employ a mixture of learning methods.

    Our approach combines the three stages of learning to ensure that the participants obtain the best possible understanding of the applied rules:

    1) Identification of the main rules and principles,
    2) Appreciation of the complexities and limitation of the principles,
    3) Application of the rules and principles.

    The participants will be actively involved in the course. The sessions will combine presentations, case studies and discussion on practical problems. You will have ample opportunity to present your own issues and discuss them with the speakers and participants from other Member States.

    Just send to us your cases and questions in advance! We will forward them to our speakers, who will include your issues in the programme and answer them during the course. All information concerning such problems and cases will be treated confidentially.

    We will organise different social activities for our participants on site, during which you will have an opportunity to meet the experts and other participants and to discuss your questions in an informal atmosphere.

    Course materials are available to download after the event.

    Who Should Participate

    • Representatives from public authorities in charge of financial management, control and audit, especially from:
      • Managing Authorities
      • Responsible Authorities
      • Certifying Authorities
      • Delegated Authorities
      • Audit Authorities
      • Intermediate Bodies
    • EU Funds experts from regional and local authorities and experts involved in ETC Programme
    • Beneficiaries of EU funded projects, i.e.: Private and public companies, associations, research institutes
    • Public and private banks
    • International, national and local associations and networks
    • Consultants

    Participants receive a certificate upon participation.

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