lexxion training, as part of Lexxion Publisher, is a platform for knowledge exchange and the sharing of best practices. It aims to support public administration in the implementation of State aid law as well as European policies on cohesion and regional economic development.

trainings & publications on State Aid and Structural Funds are our core programme. Since 2012, we design practice-oriented and interactive seminars, and publish specialised books and journals on corresponding topics. We aim to meet the current needs of public authorities with our training programmes.

lexxion focus groups are made up of experts from national, regional, and local authorities who deal with policies and regulations in the area of European cohesion and economic development.

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Trainings on State Aid

EU State Aid LAW

Trainings on EU Funds

ESI Funds

  • Monitoring & Evaluation of ESI Funds
    Interactive Workshop

    official language:English
    March 2017 | Brussels

  • Financial Instruments
    Advanced Seminar

    official language:English
    April 2017 | Rome

  • EStIF Interactive Forum: Management & Control of ESI Funds
    Workshops – Best Practice – Exchange

    Mai 2017 | Zagreb

  • Performance Audit in the Public Sector
    Interactive Workshop

    May 2017 | Brussels

  • How to Use Technical Assistance?
    Interactive Workshop

    May 2017 | Berlin

  • Combating Fraud and Corruption in and by the Public Sector
    4-day Intensive Summer Course
    27-30 June 2017

  • Result Based Management
    Interactive Workshop

    June 2017 | Brussels

  • Financial Instruments
    Advanced Summer Course
    official language: English
    10-12 July 2017  | The Hague

  • How to Improve Verifications of ESI Funds?
    Interactive Workshop

    September 2017

  • How to Use Simplified Cost Options for ESI Funds?
    official language: English
    October 2017 | Brussels

  • In-house Seminars on ESI Funds


    Thank you for your interest in our trainings. Please note, that this website is not active anymore. You can find detailed information on all our current events on: www.lexxion.eu/events

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to our events soon!

    Your Lexxion Event Team