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About ICRL – International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review

Although it has been 10 years since the ground breaking EU REACH regulation came into force and fundamentally changed the way chemical substances are regulated, evaluated and authorised, this dynamic and ever changing policy area merits continuous scrutiny and analysis.

To provide a forum which will enable practitioners, regulators, policy makers and academics to discuss the most pressing issues in this field – in Europe and beyond – Lexxion has created the International Chemical Regulatory Law Review (ICRL).

Chemical law experts will report on key regulatory and legislative developments, not just in regard to EU REACH but also across the globe, and will analyse important processes that shape the interpretation and application of chemical regulation. Those relating to the international progress of chemicals registration, authorisation and restriction and the improvement of human health and environmental protection will be receive particular attention.

Aims & Scope

The quarterly journal addresses everyone who is concerned with EU REACH, chemical law and policy issues such as legal practitioners in national and international law firms offering their services to businesses in the EU and globally, government officials working in public administrations and other relevant policy-making and enforcement bodies, academics (in the field of law, biology, biochemists, chemists and pharmacists and other relevant research fields),  legal experts and judges in domestic, European and international courts as well as consultancies and business professionals.

ICRL reports on, inter alia:

  • Chemical law (regional, national, international);
  • Chemical regulation
  • The ECHA Board of Appeal
  • Commission decisions (ECHA opinions);
  • European and global Jurisprudence;
  • Regulation on crop protection;
  • Biocide law;
  • Transport law for hazardous materials;
  • Patents/Trademarks;
  • Licences;
  • Chemical registration

All articles will be subject to double blind peer-review before acceptance for publication and are required to conform to the author guidelines available.

ICRL’s Target Audience

The quarterly journal addresses everyone who is concerned with chemical law and policy issues. Academics in the field of chemical law, biologists, biochemists, chemists and pharmacists may be particularly interested, while Government officials, as well as regulatory experts, working in public administrations and other relevant policy-making and enforcement bodies, will also find ICRL to be highly relevant to their work.

ICRL’s Structure

ICRL will comprise of on in-depth lead articles as well as more concise reports on recent regulatory and legislative developments in the field.


Managing Editor

Dieter Drohmann, Chemservice

Editorial Board

Michael Cleuvers, Dr. Knoell Consult
Robert Campbell, Songwon Industrial Group
E. Donald Elliott, Yale Law School
Andrew Fasey, ECHA
Lawrie McLaren, Burson-Marstellere
Jean-Philipp Montfort, Mayer Brown
Eléonore Mullier, Steptoe & Johnson LLP
Tobias Schulz, VCI Landesverband Nordost
Volker Soballa, Evonik Industries
Michael Raupach, BASF SE
Tade Spranger, Center for Life Sciences & Law, University Bonn; Rittershaus law firm
Gooh Choo Ta, National University of Malaysia

Country Correspondents

South Korea Jae-Seong Choi, Chemservice Asia
China Yue Huang, Guangzhou University
Turkey Yaprak Yüzak Küçükvar, REACH Global Services S.A.
North America Lynn L. Bergeson, Managing Director, Bergeson & Campbell PC

Executive Editor

Jakob McKernan, Lexxion Publisher, Berlin

Latest Article

Issue Article
4/2021 The Stockholm Convention’s 20th Anniversary
3/2021 Practical Solutions to Challenges Associated with Safety Data Sheets and Labelling in the EU-27 and the UK Following the UK Withdrawal from the EU
3/2021 Compliance in Complex Supply Chains: A Unique Solution for Multi-Stage Supply Chains Under REACH, Turkey-REACH (KKDIK), UK REACH and Korean REACH (K-REACH)
2/2021 The Revision of the Swiss Chemicals Ordinance
2/2021 New Requirements on Safety Data Sheets in South Korea
1/2021 The European Commission’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: The Challenge of Matching Political Aspirations with Workable Regulatory Outcomes
1/2021 The Concept of Essential Use to Regulate Chemicals: Legal Considerations
2/2020 Between the Old and the New Scheme: Management of New Chemical Substances in China
2/2020 Overview and Status of Korean-BPR
2/2020 Differentiation of Biocides and Cleaning Agents – Where is the Boundary?
1/2020 Regulatory and Commercial Obsolescence Risks of Materials and Processes
1/2020 New Technical Regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union: Restrictions on Certain Substances in Electrotechnical and Radio-Electronic Products
1/2020 Risk of Regrettable Substitution under EU REACH: Level Playing Field in the EU Regulatory Context
4/2019 The SCIP Database under Directive (EU) 2018/851
3/2019 Food Contact Material Regulations in Key Markets – An Awakening Giant
2/2019 The Authorisation Scheme for Biocidal Products in Switzerland
2/2019 Global Data Sharing: Requirements from Chemical Regulation
1/2019 Chemical Classification and Labelling System in Malaysia: Before and After GHS
1/2019 The Paramount Importance of Technical Equivalence Assessment for Active Substances in Crop Protection and Biocidal Products
4/2018 Biocides and Brexit: Hope for the Best – Prepare for the Worst
21. September 2021

ICRL 3/2021 Out Now

1. Juli 2021

ICRL 2/2021 Out Now

Issue 2/2021 of the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review is out now. The issue features articles on: • The Revision of the Swiss Chemicals OrdinanceNew Requirements on Safety Data Sheets in South Korea The issue alsoincludes reports on the following topics: • REACH Restrictions Concerning the Use of DiisocyanatesBorderline Products in the EU: Obstacles for Manufacturers and ImportersChina REACH Update (MEE Order No. 12): Difference with REACH ________________________________________ View all articles of ICRL 2/2021 HERE. Become an Author for ICRL and view our Call for Papers
22. März 2021

ICRL 1/2021 Out Now

2. Juli 2020

Issue 1/2020 – International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review

Featuring three long form articles and two reports Issue 1/2020 of the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review has the scope and depth our readers expect. Articles:   Reports:  
See here the full table of content: Issue 1/2020 Write for us! For submissions deadlines and further details view our Call for Papers
28. Februar 2020

Issue 4/2019 – Challenging Developments in 2020

Rounding off 2019, Issue 4/2019 of ICRL is characterised by the wide thematic and geographical scope that defines the mission of the journal. Addressing one of the most challenging issues in the coming year, the lead article analyses the establishment of the SCIP Database under Article 9 of the recently revised EU Waste Framework Directive 2008/98  (WFD). In addition to this in depth article, the issue includes reports on:   Concluding this issue, Martin Ahlhaus and Michael Öttinger provide analysis of Brüggemann Chemicalcase (CaseA-001-2018) and detail how it could shape ECHA’s new approach during the dossier evaluation process.  
See here the full table of content: Issue 4/2019
7. November 2019

Issue 3/2019 – A Cross Sectoral & International Update

With contributions from Europe, South America and the United States, Issue 3/2019 of ICRL is as International as always. As well as an article on Food Contact Material regulations and a report on the regulatory landscape in Argentina, the issue also includes a comprehensive opinion piece on the last 10 years of the ECHA Board of Appeal. The issue concludes with a case note on the recent Bisphenol A decision.  
  If you are interested to look into all articles of Issue 3/2019  
16. Juli 2019

Issue 2/2019 – The Priorities of ECHA and Global Developments

As ICRL’s goal is to bring together the most important stakeholders in the chemicals industry we are very pleased to have Issue 2/2019 begin with a fascinating Foreword by ECHA Executive Director, Björn Hansen. Analysing to the most significant trends in the sector, Mr Hansen discusses the importance of REACH, cross-legislative and cross-agency interfaces and the ongoing discussion of the circular economy. The lead article of this issue addresses the authorisation scheme for biocidal products in Switzerland. Although the Swiss Ordinance on Biocidal Products is technically equivalent to the EU Biodical Products Regulation, some compliance challenges remain. In their first contribution to ICRL, Maren Rectanus and Doris Peters delve into global data sharing and how it is impacted by the international regulatory environment.   If you are interested to look into all articles of Issue 2/2019
12. April 2019

Issue 1/2019 – Implementation of a Globally Harmonized System, Biobased Chemicals and Developments in the US and South Korea

As always, the latest issue of ICRL features contributions from across the globe on the most pressing issues in the field of International Chemical Regulation. To mark his inclusion in the ICRL Team Dr. Choo Ta and his colleagues have contributed a fascinating article on the chemical classification and labelling system in Malaysia before and after the introduction of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). In our second lead article, Hanna Skarpos highlights the importance of technical equivalence assessment for active substances in crop protection and biocidal products. While our two reports deal with developments in South Korea and with the regulation of biobased chemicals in the US. This issue’s Case Note deals with the recent Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN Europe) v Commission case.   If you are interested to look into all articles of Issue 1/2019 Write for us! For submissions deadlines and further details view our Call for Papers
20. Dezember 2018

Issue 4/2018 – Contributions From Across The Globe

Wrapping up the first year of ICRL, Issue 4/2018 features contributions from across the globe on the most pressing issues in the field of International Chemical Regulation. As the Brexit negotiations come to a close and the United Kingdom slides deeper into political turmoil, our lead Article explores the impact of Brexit on the regulation of biocides, both in the EU and in the UK. With a focus on the consequences of both a hard Brexit and a soft Brexit, Hannah Widemann, Eléonore Mullier and Darren Abrahams offer practical and sensible advice to any business working in this area. The final issue of the year also has a strong focus on regulatory developments in North America with reports on recent changes to the US TSCA, an overview of California’s Proposition 65 Law and an analysis of Canada’s regulation of cleaning products. The reports section is rounded off with a look at the regulation of chemicals in Taiwan.
If you are interested to look into all articles of Issue 4/2018 here
9. November 2018

Issue 3/2018 – The European Chemicals Agency’s Board of Appeal – Alternative Perspectives

As was the case with the first two editions of the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review, Issue 3/2018 again includes qualitatively high contributions from people working across the field of international chemical regulation. With a special focus on the European Chemicals Agency’s Board of Appeal, one of the most important bodies in the field of chemical regulation, this issue will be of value to practitioners, academics and regulators alike.
Our esteemed Editorial Board member, and member of the ECHA Board of Appeal (BoA), Andrew Fasey reflects on both the challenges and rewards of holding such an important position and provides us with some fantastic insights into his 8 years on the ECHA Board of Appeal. To complement his contribution, our lead article by Eléonore Mullier and Ruxandra Cana outlines the difference between appealing a decision at the European Court of Justice and the ECHA BoA. The theme continues in our Reports section with a first-hand account of what it is like to make an appeal at the ECHA BoA.
With additional country reports on the latest developments in China, Turkey and the USA, ICRL 3/2018 continues the global perspective that have characterised the first two issues.
View all articles of ICRL 3/2018.
14. August 2018

Issue 2/2018 – Articles, Reports, Case Notes

In the early stages of ICRL’s inception, we spoke to a wide range of stakeholders in the field of international chemical regulation and asked them what they would like to see in a new journal. The answer we got was clear: it should be international in scope, in-depth, and ought include all relevant voices. A brief glance over the contents page of ICRL Issue 2/2018 will reveal that we have paid attention. Featuring contributions from regulators, practitioners and consultants, the current issue provides space for all major stakeholder groups to be heard. With articles on the EU – Swiss regulatory relationship and on biocidal product regulation, Issue 2 is also topically diverse. Reports on policy developments in South Korea and the United States add an international flavour. Finally, the issue concludes with an in-depth case note on the recent  (PPG) and SNF SAS vs ECHA decision. View all articles of ICRL 2/2018.  
21. März 2018

Issue 1/2018 – International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review

The new International Chemical Regulatory Law Review (ICRL) identifies and analyses important legal and regulatory developments on the national, EU and international level. Reflecting the international scope of the journal, the first issue includes articles on Brexit and what it means for REACH and on Regulatory Challenges In The Phasing-Out Of Persistent Organic Pollutants In Indonesia. In addition, you will find reports on developments in Bulgaria, China and South Korea. The issue also includes a detailed case note on the recent VECCO case and updates on pertinent legislative and policy developments. View all articles of ICRL 1/2018.  

Do you want to make your contribution freely available to the public? This journal offers the option to publish open access (OA). Contributions published under the OA policy must still successfully pass peer review in accordance with the journal’s Author Guidelines (view them under the section ‘For authors’ on this website). Please contact us for the current OA fee per contribution at info@lexxion.eu.

Read some of the open access contributions for free here:


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