Calendar year 2017



Calendar year 2017
Systematic classification scheme Court of Justice General Court
Modern reference system used[1] General principles of law 679 Principle of equality and non-discrimination 520, 679 Non-discrimination 190 Right to good administration 679
3.04.02 Jurisdiction of the Court of Justice 597
3.10.06 Pleas in law 314, 520 Definition of undertaking 314, 679 Agreements of undertakings, decisions by associations of undertakings and concerted practices 190 Procedure for the application of the competition rules by the Commission – General 314 Hearing of persons concerned and of third parties / Access to the file 520, 679 Fines – General 190, 314 Determining the amount of the fine 190, 314, 520, 679
4.11.07 Telecommunications 597

[1]  For example, the judgment of the case C-180/16 P under the modern reference system is ECLI/EU/C/2017/520.


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