Food, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Law
Conference |
13.11.2019 |
Frankfurt/Main |
Language: English

Biocides: What Does the Future Hold? Regulation of Biocides in Europe and Beyond

On 13 November Lexxion Publisher will host, in cooperation with Steptoe & Johnson, a full-day conference on emerging issues concerning the regulation of biocides in Europe and beyond. Taking place in Frankfurt, the event will include speakers from industry and regulatory bodies as well as consultants. After each presentation you will have the opportunity to discuss your questions will relevant experts. The conference will end with a panel on authorisation routes for biocidal products with industry, legal, technical and regulatory representatives sharing their perspectives.

Please take a look at the detailed programme and register online to participate.

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If interested, please contact Melanie Usche.

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    This autumn Lexxion Publisher and Steptoe are hosting a conference on the European and international regulation of biocides. Regulators will be joined by experts from the private sector, industry associations and consultancies. Topics will include:

    • Latest regulatory developments
    • Endocrine disrupting properties
    • Global biocides regulation
    • In-situ systems
    • Brexit
    • Differentiation between BPs and other product groups/treated article
    • Food contact materials and biocides

    The highlight of the conference will be a panel discussion on Biocidal Product Authorisations: Challenges and Opportunities. Panellists will include representatives from industry, regulators and legal and technical experts. In addition, our experts will be available to discuss any other issue you may want to explore.

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